Heritage and Environment

Note that funding is fully allocated under this measure at present – please get in touch to discuss opportunities under the forthcoming programme. 

Actions promoting conservation and protection of the natural, cultural, social and vernacular heritage considered for funding under the Rural Development Programme. Initiatives utilising local resources to provide sustainable and renewable energy options for local communities  are also supported.


Sample Project

The restoration work of the original dining hall within the Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Museum complex was awarded €500,000.00 by Laois Partnership through the Rural Development (LEADER) programme. This was matched by €200,000.00 from the local authority and the local museum group itself committed €35,000.00 to the project. 

This ambitious project undertaken by a voluntary organisation (Donaghmore Famine Workhouse and Agricultural Museum Co-Operative) with support  from Laois Partnership Co staff and the local authority staff to ensure the  project was delivered. 

Related Projects




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