The Laois Integration Strategy is informed by EU and national integration strategy, local strategies and extensive consultations with key stakeholders and the wider public in Laois.

The strong community spirit in Laois and the friendliness of the Laois community contribute to integration efforts, along with the dedicated support of a wide range of individuals, service providers,community groups and networks.

Several positive examples of integration in Laois have been identified throughout the Strategy development process. Despite the many successes and positive integration initiatives, a number of needs and challenges remain.

The Laois Integration Strategy aims to further promote and facilitate integration through the coordination of efforts, working collaboratively to implement the actions outlined the integration strategy.

To read more detailed information on the Laois Integration Strategy 2019-2023 use the links below to access the Integration Strategy Executive Summary and the more detailed Full Summary Document.


The objective of the Laois Asylum Migration and Integration Support Services is to:

  1. Support asylum seekers, refugees and third country nationals living in Laois and surrounding areas transitioning from direct provision
  2. Develop Laois’s first Integration Strategy
  3. Identify and raise awareness of the needs of new communities
  4. Enhance their capacity to engage with service providers and relevant agencies;
  5. Support and provide training to relevant service providers. The project will engage with 400 users over 3 years.

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