LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014-2022

Programme Name

Rural Development / LEADER Programme

Programme Description

The LEADER Programme, funded by both the EU and the Department of Rural and Community Development – is a programme to support communities and businesses across Laois to build on what they have in their local area; overcome social and economic challenges and protect and enhance their local environment. The programme provides financial grants, advice and training;

– to support businesses and startups expand or develop new products

– communities to develop and progress local initiatives to ensure a vibrant, inclusive and climate resilient place to live and work.

What themes does the programme prioritise?

  • Enterprise
  • Tourism
  • Rural Towns
  • Broadband
  • Youth
  • Basic services at hard-to-reach communities
  • Biodiversity
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water resources

What Funding is available within the programme?

Type of ProjectCommunity/Charity/Voluntary CommitteePrivate/Social EnterpriseMax Funding
Capital Up to a maximum of 75%Up to a maximum of 50%€ 150,000
Analysis and DevelopmentUp to a maximum of 90%Up to a maximum of 75%€ 15,000
TrainingPrivate or CommunityUp to a maximum of 100%


***LEADER grants work in arrears applicants must have proof of match & bridging funding to apply

Who can avail of your supports?

Businesses in the sectors of Food, Craft, Tourism, Manufacturing, Technology and Creative Industries. Businesses operating as community based social enterprises.

Community organisations for development or upgrading of community and public amenities and buildings; upgrading or creation of public infrastructure; projects aimed at benefiting specific groups within their community e.g. older people, young people, people living in rural isolation, migrants & people with disabilities; development of community owned renewable energy projects, enhancement & protection of watercourses and biodiversity.

Additional Information

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