Spink Comhaltas Instrument Bank

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Project Description

Spink Comhaltas were funded under the Rural Development (LEADER) programme to establish an bank. The purpose of this is to have a collection of instruments available to young people who wish to learn Irish traditional music.

The new instrument bank is enabling the group to offer buddiing musicians s the opportunity to try out different instruments before committing to purchasing them. Instruments can be very expensive making participation in Irish traditional music difficult for some people.

The range of instruments include:

4/4 Fiddles, 3/4 Fiddles, 2/4 Fiddle, Stagi concertina, Stagi concertina, Banjo, Clareen Mandolin, Wren Button accordion, Wren Button accordion, Doyle flutes,  Harps, Doyle flute, Wren concertina, Uillean Pipes, Clareen Mandolin, Barnes and Mullen Banjo, Black swallow concertina,  Richwood Bazoukai,  Drum set, Mandolin, Mandola & Piano


Instrument Bank for Comhaltas Group

Members of Spink Comhaltas Demonstrating some of the instruments purchased under the Instrument bank project.

Co. Laois, Ireland

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