Social Enterprise Development

Social Enterprise Supports

Programme Description

LPC supports voluntary groups/individuals all across Laois who are already running, or who are thinking of setting up a social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business run by a group of volunteers who charge for a product or service, where all traded income is reinvested in sustaining and developing the business, and where the product or service provided is a response to a local relevant social need. These supports come in many formats from individual staff or board member mentoring and guidance to the provision of facilitated relevant training, information or networking opportunities that will enhance the skills of those involved in the project.

Programme Priorities

Community Development.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is an enterprise: – that trades for a social/ societal purpose; where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity; is separate from government; and where the surplus is primarily re-invested in the social objective.

Examples include:

  • Laois Men’s Sheds
  • Bloom HQ
  • Embrace FARM

What types of support are available?

LPC have started to develop an interactive working relationship with social enterprises across Laois. These supports are aimed to be direct and relevant and take the following form depending on the stage of formation of the enterprise:

  1. Pre-development local community planning work supporting groups to identify and action social enterprise opportunities
  2. Provision of governance guidance to boards and staff members through mentoring or organised training
  3. Provision and support in accessing local and national financial supports (grant applications etc..)
  4. Provision of specific relevant training to board and staff members. This training covers many aspects of running a social enterprise with emphasis for next phase training under the headings of Capacity Building, Digital Innovation, Strategic planning and Governance).
  5. Mentoring advice and guidance for day to day issues
  6. Facilitated networking sessions to encourage shared learning and collaborative development.

What supports are within the programme?

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitated networking

Who can avail of those supports?

Any person or group who is interested or already involved in social enterprise development. 

How can I find out more information on your training or development programmes?

Please ring Carina on 087 6312676 or email