Rural Social Scheme

Boost Your Farming Income: Discover the Benefits of the Rural Social Scheme with Laois Partnership

The Laois Partnership Rural Social Scheme provides part-time farmers with an opportunity to earn a supplementary income by working for communities in the Laois area and providing invaluable services to these communities.  Under the management of John Finlay, RSS staff work throughout Laois on projects ranging from Tidy Towns & village enhancement to maintenance of sporting facilities and maintenance and caretaking of heritage sites.

Why Choose the Rural Social Scheme with Laois Partnership?

  1. Income Support: Receive income support while working part-time, supplementing your farming activities.
  2. Community Engagement: Contribute to valuable community projects while earning a living, fostering social cohesion and development.
  3. Flexibility: Enjoy a flexible 19.5-hour workweek that accommodates your farming responsibilities.
  4. PRSI Exemption: Participants earning below €352 per week are exempt from PRSI contributions.
  5. Skill Development: Gain new skills and experiences through a variety of community-focused tasks.

Categories of Work

  • Maintaining and enhancing waymarked ways, agreed walks and bog roads
  • Energy conservation work for the elderly and the less well off
  • Village and countryside enhancement projects
  • Social care and care of the elderly, community care for both pre-school and after-school groups
  • Environmental maintenance work – maintenance and caretaking of community and sporting facilities
  • Projects relating to not for profit cultural and heritage centres
  • Community Administration/Clerical duties
  • Any other appropriate community project identified during the course of the Scheme
This programme is designed to support people in receipt of means-tested social welfare payments and actively farming.

Benefits of working with Laois Partnership

Dedicated Specialist

A specialist will work with you to identify a programme, course & resource to benefit you and guide you through it.

Innovative Approaches

Through initiatives like SICAP & LEADER, LPC employ locally-led strategies to address persistent levels of deprivation.

Comprehensive Services

From childcare and youth programs to mental health and addiction support, we  have services tailored to your needs.

How it works

Step 1: Schedule a visit

Get in touch, and we'll schedule a time to meet that suits you.

Step 2: We provide the building blocks for your development

Our varying programs ensure that we have a way to help you.

Step 3: Collaborate, Grow & Excel

Through our programmes we plant the seeds for growth. Your success is our success.

Features of Laois Partnership Initiatives

1 SICAP Implementation: Laois Partnership spearhead the roll out of SICAP across Laois, leveraging targeted interventions to tackle deprivation effectively.

2 Diverse Support Programmes: Range of services, including childcare support, after-school programs, mental health initiatives, addiction recovery projects, and more.

3 Community-Centric Approach: With a deep understanding of local dynamics, we tailor our efforts to meet the unique challenges faced by different communities.

4 Strengthen Communities: Through SICAP we aim to strengthen local communities, supporting them to speak for issues that affect them.

5 Non-Judgemental: Laois Partnership delivers support and opportunity to all Laois people without judgement

6 Free of Charge: Advice, guidance and community involvement all available to you without costing you a penny.